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Grodan Stonewool Grow-CubesGrodan Stonewool Grow-Cubes
Grodan Grodan Stonewool Grow-Cubes
Sale priceFrom $75.00
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GrowSite Premium Coco 50L BagGrowSite Premium Coco 50L Bag
GrowSite Coco Coir Block 5kg Growing MediaGrowSite Coco Coir Block 5kg Growing Media
Black Gold Natural & Organic Garden Soil - 1 cf
Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting MixBlack Gold Natural & Organic Potting Mix
Espoma Organic Orchid Mix - 4 qt
Espoma Organic Potting MixEspoma Organic Potting Mix
Espoma Espoma Organic Potting Mix
Sale priceFrom $6.99
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Espoma Land & Sea Gourmet Compost - 1cf
Espoma Mushroom Compost - 0.75cf
Espoma Cactus Mix - 8 qt
Ferti-Lome Ultimate Potting Mix
GROW!T Coco Coir Croutons - 28L bagGROW!T Coco Coir Croutons - 28L bag
GROW!T Coco Coir Planting Chips - 4.5kg BlockGROW!T Coco Coir Planting Chips - 4.5kg Block
GEOLITE Clay Pebble Grow Media

The best place to buy soil and growing media for your indoor or outdoor garden

In order to grow healthy, lush, and bountiful plants, whether indoors or outdoors, your choice of soil and growing media is of the utmost importance. At GrowGoods, we pride ourselves in carrying the best soil and growing media available online or in store. We make it easy to care for your garden with our wide variety of plant food, soil, and more! 

At GrowGoods, we specialize in providing top-of-the-line soil media and growing media for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have everything you need to get started or take your gardening to the next level. 

Let GrowGoods be your one-stop shop when it comes to indoor and outdoor gardening supplies. We’re proud to offer quality products at the best prices every day of the year. With such a wide selection of planting media and supplies, you’ll have no problem finding what you need at GrowGoods.

Buy Growing Media & Substrates online

At GrowGoods, we have a wide variety of different growing mediums and substrates that are perfect for any type of garden, whether indoor or outdoor. Some of our most popular products include Growsite loose coco and coco coir blocks, FoxFarm soils and fertilizers, as well as a wide range of Botanicare and General Hydroponic products. We also have a wide range of rockwool products, which are great for getting gardens started or supporting existing plants.

Rockwool is ideal for hydroponic setups because it can be used with watering systems such as nutrient film technique (NFT) or deep water culture (DWC). Rockwool is made from molten rock spun into fibers, which helps increase its water retention and drainage. Mini blocks are small cubes that can be used in soilless gardens for startling seedlings or as transplanting blocks. We also carry potting soils that do not contain any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides, making these soils ideal for new seedlings since the roots of your plants will not be inhibited by these substances and will grow better. We also carry both loose coco and coco coir blocks, which expand when mixed with water. Coco growing media is made from the fibrous husk of coconut shells, and it's a great organic option if you want to use something without chemicals.

You are just a few clicks away from the best quality soil and planting media for your garden. So what are you waiting for, sart your gardening journey with GrowGoods today!

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