Grodan Gro-Blocks Improved Rockwool

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Size: Grodan GR10 / 4" x 4" x 4" Strip of 6
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Uniform Plants and Excellent Yields

Grodan Gro-Blocks Improved with Advanced Wetting Technology allows you to cultivate more uniform and high-quality crops that have faster rooting-in, higher yields, improved quality, and less water and nutrient usage throughout the entire crop cycle, batch after batch.

Grodan Gro-Blocks have been a mainstay of professional hydroponic horticulture for almost two decades and continue to be used in grow rooms and greenhouses worldwide. The Grodan Gro-Blocks provide the foundation your plants need for healthy root development, vigorous growth, and optimal crop production. The stone wool substrate allows professional cultivators to grow more top-quality produce with fewer inputs.  The rockwool is lightweight, clean, disease/ pest free, and very easy-to-use. 

The Grodan Gro-Blocks come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3in x 3in x 2.5in all the way up to 8in x 8in x 8in. Most come wrapped in packs but all sizes are clearly labeled with usage instructions.

  • Propagation: Perfect for propagating young plants under a wide range of propagating conditions. 
  • Excellent Root Growth: Uniform distribution of water and nutrients throughout the block, encourages massive root development.
  • Top Quality: The greater firmness of the Grodan Gro-Blocks make handling no problem. They maintain their shape and structure even when picked up or moved several times during propagation or the plants lifecycle..

Grodan Gro-Blocks: Available in Different Sizes to Suit Your Grow!

Grodan 3” and 4” Gro-Blocks
Ideal for supporting small plants throughout their lifecycle or for the early vegetative stage of larger plants before transplanting on top of a Big Mama or Gro-Slab.

Grodan Hugo 6” Gro-Block
Hugo's can support many species throughout their lifecycle and provides enough growing volume to support a larger plant.

Grodan Uniblock 8" Gro-Block
Developed specifically for larger plants, the new Uni-Block delivers the benefits of a Gro-Block as well as the advantages of the popular Uni-Slab.

Grodan Big Mama 8” Gro-Block
Able to support very large plants and even small trees throughout their lifecycle. Contains over twice the amount of rockwool as the Hugo block. 

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