Grodan Stonewool Grow-Cubes

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Size: Grodan Grow Cubes Large / 2 cu ft - Each
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For growers seeking a forgiving, easy-to-use loose-fill media, Grodan Grow-Cubes are an excellent choice. Composed of uniform 1/4” cubes of stone wool, Grodan Grow-Cubes offer many advantages over other soilless potting mixes:

  • Fast root penetration, more growing power
  • Loose substrate to fill containers with, retains structure.
  • Grow-Cubes do not compact and compress together.
  • Grow-Cubes drain easily, naturally retaining a 50% water to 50% air ratio.
  • When mixed with expanded clay balls a very desirable blend of root aeration and moisture content can be achieved for extremely vigorous growth and bloom.

Lightweight — approximately 1/10 of the weight of a bag of potting soil.

2 cubic foot bag fills ~23 one-gallon standard plant containers.

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