Located in Sarasota, Florida, GrowGoods Garden Supply is your everything gardening specialists. We cater to all the cultivation enthusiasts, the occasional gardener, or even those without a green thumb. We are here to help bring success to all your plantings whether you're growing indoors, outdoors, in soil or hydroponics. We have a great selection of gardening and grower supplies plus top-notch customer service to match. Come see us today or order online for fast, convenient delivery to your doorstep.




GrowGoods Garden Supply
4428 Bee Ridge Rd

Sarasota, FL 34233



With over 22 years’ experience in the horticulture industry as a grower, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer, we are the leading authorities for plant and growing related products and services. We understand your challenges and will share our extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver innovative solutions for your growing needs. We also utilize our industry connections to provide high quality products at reasonable prices. We are always on the lookout for ongoing research, emerging trends, and proven innovations by the leading authorities in the horticulture business.


Our quest is to educate, support, and advance the cultivation of plants to promote a healthier, more beautiful community, and encourage the joy of gardening. We help our customers understand the science of plants by providing expert advice and supplying high quality products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers who align with our vision and values. We deliver success, not just great products.

Our goals are to provide support for the production of vegetable and food crops, flowers, container plants, and the green industry (ornamental bedding and landscape plantings) by balancing the need to maximize yields with our commitment to sustainability and conservation. We utilize a combination of scientific, technological, and crop production techniques to meet the needs of our customers. Your success matters to us and so your prosperity is our top goal.


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