The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator Concentrate

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Garden Naked- No Chemicals
OMRI Listed

The Amazing Doctor Zymes’ Eliminator is an OMRI listed, revolutionary green solution that kills and eliminates soft-bodied insects, molds and mildews on your indoor and outdoor gardens. Eliminator works by disrupting the insects' ability to breathe and it is a highly effective deterrent. Eliminator works on mildews and molds by the citric acid digesting the biomass and changing the pH to create a hostile environment so that mildews and molds cannot take hold.

The active ingredient, citric acid, is derived from a fermentation process and is combined with other biologically stimulating ingredients to form a highly effective insecticide and fungicide. Eliminator is a mechanical action that pests, molds, and mildews cannot become immune to. It works by disrupting the insects’ ability to breathe, and breaks down protein and organic matter. It is also oil-free and therefore does not clog the stomata, resulting in increased photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration. It increases yields when used as a preventative by keeping pests, molds, and mildews off your plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Eliminator’s proprietary formula is made in handcrafted batches to ensure maximum quality control. Many customers have told us that if they had to select only one product on the market to meet their needs, it would be Eliminator.


  • Kills Soft Bodied Insects.
  • Removes Molds and Mildews.
  • OMRI listed.
  • No harmful residues or oils, so it won't clog stomata.
  • Non-toxic; biodegradable.
  • Made from food-grade ingredients, non-GMO.
  • Use as a soil drench or foliar spray.
  • Use up to and on Day of Harvest.


  • Safe for use around children and pets;
  • Molds, mildews and pests cannot become immune.
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable.
  • Does not clog stomata.
  • Increases photosynthesis and increases yields.
  • Can be used up to and on the day of harvest.

Ingredients: citric acid, water, yeast, potassium sorbate.

Usage: Only use when temperature is below 80 degrees. Mix 4oz per gallon of warm water with a pH between 6-7. Spray top and underneath leaves, stems, stalks and base of plant. This is a contact product so ensure you spray generously to ensure full contact with pests, molds or mildews. *Refer to product label for exact usage instructions.

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