Sunniland Palm Fertilizer

Size: Palm Fertilizer - 20lb
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6 - 1 - 8

Sunniland Palm Fertilizer is a premium formulation that delivers the required nutrients for healthy Palms, Cycads, Tropical Ixoras, and other acid loving plants. This fertilizer contains iron, manganese, and magnesium which is essential for palm health. 

Sunniland Palm Fertilizer consists of 50% slow-release nitrogen for continuous feeding and all essential micronutrients for deep green color and vigorous growth. Easily apply every 60- 90 days during the growing season.

INGREDIENTS: Polymer coated sulphur coated urea, diammonium phosphate, muriate of potash, sulphate of potash magnesia, sodium borate, copper oxide, iron oxide, manganese oxide, sodium molybdate, zinc oxide.

USAGE: Apply every 60- 90 days during the growing season. *Refer to label for exact usage rates.
Landscape Palms and Trees: Divid trunk diameter in inches by 2 and broadcast that amount in cups in a 2- 3 ft diameter around base.
Multi Trunk Palms and Cycads: Broadcast 1/4 cup per foot of plant height around the base and under the canopy.
Container Palms: Apply 1/4 cup per 12" of Container to the soil surface and water in.
Ixora's, Acid Loving Plants and Shrubs: Apply 1/4 cup per foot of plant height to the base of the landscaped plants.

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