SunBlaster Prismatic Lens LED Strip Lights

Size: 18” HO LED Strip Light - 18W - 6400K
Sale price$49.99


Simply Grow Better

Sunblaster Prismatic Lens LED High Output Strip Light 6400K are designed to maximize overall performance, extend longevity, and focus more light where it counts. Root healthier cuttings and grow stronger plants by providing the best possible lighting for all indoor growing applications.

These high efficiency LED lights produce up to 20% higher light output by using a more efficient LED array. The light passes through a prism that focusses the light into a 90-degree beam angle rather than the usual 120-degree output. This brings more light energy to the plant canopy and stimulates faster growth. The Full Sprectrum LED's provide improved PAR, PPF & PPFD. Up to 8 units can be daisy-chained together with link cords.

Sunblaster LED Light Kit Includes: LED Strip Light, 6' power cord with on/off switch, 14" Link Cord, and hanging clips/ flat surface mounting clips.


  • Efficiency: 140 Lm/w.
  • Color Temperature: 6400K.
  • CRI: 84.
  • Life: 35,000 hours.

Available Sizes:

  • 18" LED Light Kit
    • 2500 Lumens / 18W
  • 24" LED Light Kit
    • 3400 Lumens / 24W
  • 36" LED Light Kit
    • 5000 Lumens / 36W
  • 48" LED Light Kit
    • 6700 Lumens / 48W

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