Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray

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Corrects and Prevents Secondary Nutritional Deficiencies

Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray corrects and prevents deficiencies that cause yellowing in citrus, avocados, mangos, and other tropical fruits. Contains 5 balanced essential nutrients including zinc that will benefit the plant anytime when deficiencies first appear. Most effective when applied between December and February up to the time flowering is completed.

Ingredients: magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate. (Contains 1.2% iron, 1.7% zinc, 1.2% manganese, 1% magnesium, and 4.1% sulfur).

Usage: For prevention, mix 1 Tbsp/ gal of spray. and apply in winter. For correction of deficiencies, mix 2 tbsp/ gal and apply as a thorough cover spray to run off. *Refer to label directions for exact application rates.

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