Smart Pot Urban Raised Bed Garden Planters

Size: Urban Raised Bed- 4 'x 4' x 18"
Sale price$64.99


Durable, Deep Beds to Grow Abundant Vegetables
Made in the USA

The Smart Pot Urban Raised Bed is a durable and reusable garden planter that can be installed just about anywhere. It's perfect for those trying to grow their garden on balconies or patios. Comes in a Natural/ tannish fabric that is lead and BPA free. Easy to install and comes PVC ready. The Urban Raised Bed supports 1″ PVC piping and fittings, (PVC is not included).

Grow fresh herbs, veggies, flowers, and fruits right off your patio, deck, or backyard. The Urban Raised Bed Garden requires less labor, time, and money than traditional wooden raised beds. In addition, the durable fabric is weather-resistant and will last for many years.


  • Easy Assembly.
  • Unfold, Fill & Plant.
  • Light Weight.
  • Heavy Duty & Extremely Durable.
  • Lead & BPA-free.
  • Amazing Results!


  • 48″ by 48″ by 18″ tall – holds approximately 27 cubic feet of soil.

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