Smart Pot Round Raised Bed Fabric Planters

Size: Mini- 24" Wide Round Raised Fabric Bed - Black
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Simple & Affordable
Manufactured in the USA

Smart Pot Round Raised Bed Fabric Planters are tough weatherproof fabric raised beds that require no assembly. Raised bed gardening couldn’t be easier than with the Round Raised Beds. Just unfold it on a level area, fill it with good growing soil, and start planting.

Smart Pot is the original, award-winning fabric aeration container for healthier, faster-producing plants. Unlike cheaper knockoffs, Smart Pot is made of tough, porous material, that lasts for years. And porosity is key to growing outstanding plants.

Porosity Provides:

  • Excellent drainage.
  • Allows oxygen to reach your plants’ roots.
  • Air prunes roots creating a highly fibrous, more efficient root system.
  • Allows heat to escape during hot weather, reducing the thermal stress on your plants.

More Advantages of the Round Raised Bed garden:

  • Extends your gardening season.
  • Warms quickly in spring, stays cooler in the summer, and plants remain productive later into the fall.
  • Attractive circular shape allows gardeners to reach the center from any position.
  • Discourages moles and gophers from entering.

Available Sizes:

  • Mini: 15 Gallons (24″ x 8″) Holds 2.1 Cubic Feet, 3.1 Square Feet of Growing Space.
  • Junior: 50 Gallons (36″ x 12″) Holds 5.9 Cubic Feet, 7.1 Square Feet of Growing Space
  • The Original: 100 Gallons (50″ x 12″) Holds 13.7 Cubic Feet of Mix, 13.5 Square Feet of Growing Space.

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