NemaKnights Beneficial Nematodes

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Size: Fungus Gnat & Thrips Control - 10oz
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NemaKnights Fungus Gnat & Thrips Control
Contains 10 Million Nematodes

NemaKnights Biological Gnat Control can be used as a preventative measure against fungus gnat populations. These specific beneficial nematodes eliminate fungus gnats, thrips, root aphids and other garden pests at the source by devouring their larvae and stopping the replication cycle. Eventually, this will eliminate the pests once the adults perish.

Biological Gnat Control allows for a convenient spot treatment solution that makes it easy to apply to multiple planters at one time. Simply flip open the cap, shake the pearls into the planters, and spray with water.

Traditional nematode formulations have been a successful but limited biocontrol for over 2 decades. NemaKnights is the next generation!

INGREDIENTS: 10 million Beneficial Nematodes (Steinernema feltiae).

USAGE: Treats up to 50 Planters / 1,000 sf.
Apply at a rate of 0.5 tsp / 5g per plant. After application, water plants for the next three days to release the nematodes.
For best results, reapply after 10- 14 days.

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