Megaphoton LED Panel Grow Lights

Size: 100w Panel LED - TRT10005
Sale price$99.99



    Megaphoton High Quality LED grow lights are perfectly suited for grow tents and indoor growing. The Full Spectrum plant lights promote better propagation, accelerated growth, and improved fruiting and flowering of plants. Megaphoton LED grow lights use the latest plant light technology to provide uniform lighting and increased light output. The efficient energy consumption of LED's makes them more cost-effective to run than traditional HID lights.

    Megaphoton LED Panel Grow Lights are manufactured with top-of-the-line components for reliable lighting and maximum yields. The Inventronics driver paired with Samsung and Osram LED chips provide better performance than other LED's on the market. The full spectrum light, 380nm-730nm/ 4000K, is ideal for all growth stages of plants (germination through flowering). These durable units come with numerous safety features to work reliably in harsh environments, harvest after harvest.


    • Lighting Dimmer from 0-100%.
    • Adjustable Rope Hanger.
    • Cat6 trigger cable for lighting controllers.
    • Samsung & Osram LED chips.
      • Produce up to 210Lm/W.
    • Inventronics Driver.
      • Input voltage of 100-277V.
    • Safety Protection:
      • Short circuit and surge protection.
      • Over current/ voltage protection.
      • High temp shutoff.
    • High Efficiency.
      • PPF: 250 μmol/s.
      • Efficacy: 2.5 μ mol/J.
      • Power Factor: 0.98
    • Extremely Durable.
      • Acceptable for damp and wet environments, IP65 rated.
      • ETL certified.
      • LED Lifetime: 54,000 hours.
      • Operating temps: 32F- 95F.

    Megaphoton Inc has been committed to the R & D and production of greenhouse artificial lighting systems since 2001. They have become a world leader in the greenhouse lighting by running the largest combined HPS & LED factory in the world. They sold more than 1 million artificial lighting system in 2020 and produced more than 5 million electronic ballasts and more than 12 million HID lighting lamps. They are holders of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and certificates: CE, UL, ROHS, TÜV, CSA, ETL, FCC, FDA, CCC, EAC.

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