Medina Orange Oil

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Super-Concentrated & Biodegradable

Medina Orange Oil is a multi-purpose cleaner/ de-greaser, spray/ soil adjuvant, and insect repellent. Orange oil has been discovered to be an important ingredient in a variety of household and gardening applications. It may be used to deter certain insects including fire ants.

Medina Orange Oil is a raw oil collected from citrus peels. This cold press process helps preserve the integrity of the oil and contains d-limonene, which is toxic to ants. It disrupts their communication, causing confusion and leading them to lose their way.

INGREDIENTS: 98% cold pressed orange peel and 2% emulsifier.

USAGE: Shake well before mixing.
Foliar Solution: Mix 2oz per gallon of water.
Soil Drench: Mix 4oz per gallon of water.
Cleaning Solution: Mix 2oz per gallon of water.

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