Marrone Bio Venerate CG Bioinsecticide

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OMRI Listed for Organic Use

Integrated Pest Management Solutions for Cultivated Gardens

Marrone Bio Venerate CG advanced bioinsecticide features multiple modes of action and is effective against a wide variety of chewing and sucking insects as well as mites yet is easy on beneficials. Its unique and novel modes of action will complement and improve integrated pest management and insect resistance management programs. 

Venerate CG is microbial-based and powered by several active compounds that span different chemical classes. It drives multiple modes of action; control of the pests is achieved through exposure and ingestion of the product. With Venerate CG’s multiple active compounds and modes of action the risk of insect resistance is greatly reduced.

Venerate CG bioinsecticide can be used in conventional and organic systems as either a ground or air application, maximizing operational efficiencies. With an MRL tolerance exemption, a zero-day pre-harvest interval, and no limit on the number of applications, Venerate CG provides broad spectrum protection that helps manage economically devastating damage to crops without concern for residues.

PESTS CONTROLLED: Listed to kill over 78+ foliar and soil dwelling insects and mites* such as Aphids (including root aphids), Caterpillars, foliar feeding Beetles, Borer, Leafhopper, Lygus, Mealybugs, Mites (including broad/russet), Navel Orangeworm, Peach Twig, Scale, Stink Bug, Thrips, and foliar feeding worms. *See label for exact list.

INGREDIENTS: Heat-killed Burkholderia spp. strain A396 cells and spent fermentation media.

USAGE: Direct contact or ingestion by targeted insect or mites is necessary. Can be alternated with another chemistry on a 7-day interval.
Add 4 tsp per gallon of water (up to 4 tbsp per gallon for heavy infestations) and spray thorough coverage of infested plant parts for effective control. Repeat applications at a 3-to-10-day interval depending upon plant growth rate, insect and mite activity, and other factors. *Refer to product label for exact usage instructions.

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