House & Garden Shooting Powder Plant Nutrient

Size: 65g / 2.3oz Sachet
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Maximize the Growth and Yield of your Quality Flowers
0 - 0.9 - 0.2

House & Garden’s Shooting Powder provides plants with the high-quality potassium and phosphate required for an exceptional finish to the flowering cycle. Shooting Powder provides crucial nutrient pre-cursors for a plant’s biological processes, including ATP-synthesis, giving your plants the power to build flower growth right when they need it. It triggers your plants into initiating a second cycle of new flower development.

The nutrients provided in Shooting Powder boost the production of leaf and flower growth, vigor and yield. They also provide the nutritional building blocks for other biological processes in a plant, such as the growth of the phospholipid bi-layer, which is critical to oil synthesis. Shooting Powder is essential for a top-shelf finish, providing plants with improved growth, vigor and yields. Clean, strong, and stable, Shooting Powder works perfectly in all growing media.

Shooting Powder is the powdered version of Top Shooter for growers that prefer powders to liquids.

Ingredients: phosphoric acid, potassium oxide.

Usage: Use with your base nutrients adjusted to a max 1.2 EC. Add 1 sachet per 25 gallons to your feed water during week 6 of flower (last three weeks). Add 2 sachets per 25 gallons during the final two weeks of flowering. *Refer to House and Garden Feed Charts for exact usage rates.

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