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House & Garden Premium Nutrients & Additives

Looking to get started with the H&G line? We've got you covered. Just choose which base nutrient you'd like to try (Soil, Cocos, or Aquaflakes), and you're set! Each starter kit contains enough of our nutrients and additives to complete a full run in gardens that use 15 gallons of feed water per week with a 2-week veg and 8-week flower cycle.

Each kit contains: 1L of your chosen base nutrient (both A+B), 100ml Roots Excelurator Gold, 100ml Amino Treatment, 250ml Multi Zen, 250ml Bud-XL, 250ml Top Booster, 250ml Drip Clean, 250ml Nitrogen Boost, and 2 sachets of Shooting Powder -- all in one box. 

Available Starter Kits:

  • Soil A&B Base Nutrients with Additives
  • Cocos A&B Base Nutrients with Additives

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