House & Garden Multi Zen Plant Additive

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Size: House & Garden Multi Zen 500ml
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Increases Nutrient Uptake
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House & Garden Multi Zen is an extremely beneficial additive to incorporate into your arsenal. One of the most concentrated growth promoting products on the market, Multi Zen boosts overall plant vigor by providing readily available nutrients that the plant can absorb -- but that's just one aspect of its benefits. The readily available nutrients included in each bottle help by boosting the rate of nutrient uptake and ensuring you're getting every benefit from the soluble and available nutrients you're feeding your plants.

House & Garden Multi Zen is a useful stimulator, rich in enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins. It accelerates and simplifies the growth process by helping break down and dissolve dead root material thus reducing your plant’s exposure to disease and stress. Enzymes convert nutrients into ‘easily digestible chunks’, which can be readily absorbed by the plant. The activity of enzymes is fundamental to the success of a plant's growth.

Multi Zen works in all growing media and can be used in both the vegetation and flowering cycles. This unique formulation will help you achieve maximum growth with every harvest.

Ingredients: ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, potassium hydroxide.

Usage: Use during the mid to late vegetative stage through the first 3 weeks of the fruiting/ flowering stage. Add 3.8ml per gallon of feed water. *Refer to House and Garden's feed charts for exact usage rates.

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