Hort2O Carbon Filters

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Size: 4"x16" 225 cfm - Carbon Filter
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Odor Control for Grow Tents

The Hort2O Charcoal Filter contains premium virgin charcoal to provide filtration to your indoor growing ventilation system. Filters are constructed with aluminum flanges, steel meshing, and feature a clothed pre-filter.

Hort2O offers quality items that can help drive the growth cycle, resulting in a faster harvest. Thoughtfully designed for hobbyists who grow their own and strive for year-round sustainability.

Available Sizes:

  • Hort2O 4” Carbon Filter.
    • 4in Duct Flange x 16in Filter Length.
    • Airflow Rating 115-225cu ft/min.
    • Fits 4” Inline Fans.
  • Hort2O 6” Carbon Filter.
    • 6in Duct Flange x 16in Filter Length.
    • Airflow Rating 200-400cu ft/min.
    • Fits 6” Inline Fans.

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