Hi-Yield Rose Fertilizer

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Size: Rose Fertilizer - 4lb
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Hi-Yield Rose Fertilizer is specially formulated to promote bigger blooms, healthier stems and vigorous plant growth of Roses. Rose Fertilizer helps produce green leaves and essential new growth on which new blooms develop.

INGREDIENTS: Ammonium sulfate, monoammonium phosphate, muriate of potash.

USAGE: Make first application when Rose bushes are planted or when growth first starts in spring. Feed bushes monthly during growing season.
New Plants: Mix 1 cup into bottom of planting hole and cover with 2-3 inches of soil. Plant on top of mound and replace remaining soil around roots. Water thoroughly after applying.
Established Plants: Apply 1 cup per bush evenly 6-8 inches from trunk. Work lightly into soil and water thoroughly.
Flower Beds: Sprinkle 3lb per 100 square feet and spade into soil. Water thoroughly after applying.

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