Hi-Yield Blood Meal - 2.75 lb

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Provides a slow-release form of natural nitrogen. Aids in plant production of top growth and deep green foliage. Also promotes large colorful leaf growth and helps plants to bloom larger and more profusely. For use on pansies, roses, flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables. 

Ingredients: blood meal.

Usage: Use at rate of 1/4 cup per 9 sq. ft. (3’ x 3’) of planting area or 2 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. (10’ x 10’). Broadcast evenly under the branches, scratch lightly into soil and water in after application.
For row planting, apply 2 lbs. per 100 ft. row of plants and scatter over six inches on either side of row. Sprinkle lightly over area and water in after application. *Refer to label directions for specific instructions.

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