Heavy 16 Prime Plant Additive

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Size: Prime 32oz
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Growth & Bloom Enhancement

Heavy PRIME is an ultra-diverse liquid formulation designed for use at all times of your crops’ cycle. We have formulated Prime to be the centerpiece of the Heavy 16 program, but its chemistry allows for flexibility throughout cultivation systems and alternative feeding programs from aeroponics to outdoor soil crops.

Prime eliminates your need for multiple other plant additives that would be considered redundant or incomplete according to our data. Tastes, colors, flavors, and brix levels will all be heightened while expressing the plants true phenotype.

Prime aid's in bolstering the development of a robust root system.


  • Improves overall plant nutrition
  • Improves soil/nutrient conditions for better crop yield
  • Supports microbial populations
  • Supports conditions for better plant establishment

Ingredients: potassium sulfate

Usage: Use during the final week of the growth at 1ml per gallon. Use 1- 2ml per gallon during the bloom phase.  *Refer to Heavy 16's nutrient calculator for specific directions. 

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