Heavy 16 Finish Plant Additive

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Growth & Bloom Enhancement

Heavy Finish aids in achieving an electrochemical balance because it is both a donor and receptor of electrons. When used as a final media flush, the result is a purer soil. That is because Heavy Finish contains natural chelating structures that have been scientifically enhanced in the laboratory, achieving a streamlined and uniform molecular size. Heavy Finish has aided in reclaiming used or imbalanced soils while making nutrient programs available. Heavy Finish can also help cleanse sub-par nutrient regimens via extreme levels of pH and PPM/EC buffering capacity This helps eliminate the threat of heavy metal exposure and all things bad about some unrefined and undefined nutrient programs.

In the tradition of fine viticulture, Heavy Finish is the pure essence of the finest soil terroir. When using Heavy Finish during flower senescence, you can observe the deepest and heaviest aromas and colors your crops’ genetics can express. Some growers choose to use Heavy Prime with Heavy Finish in the final week for added natural aromatic fragrances, while others choose a more minimalist approach by solely using Heavy Finish with pure water.

The bottom line is, no matter what your growing objectives may be, Heavy Finish is the ultimate finite resource for achieving horticultural superiority.


  • Improves overall plant nutrition
  • Improves efficiency of applied fertilizers
  • Supports conditions for better plant establishment

Ingredients: potassium sulfate

Usage: Use during the growth and bloom phases at 2.5ml per gallon with your preferred nutrient regimen. Use 10ml per gallon during the final week of the bloom phase.  *Refer to Heavy 16's nutrient calculator for specific directions. 

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