GrowBurst Lighting 1000W DE Grow Light System- SunUp Series

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Style: Full System- HPS Bulb Included
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*Available with 1000w DE HPS Lamp or Fixture Only.
  • Premium Quality 1000w Double Ended 120/240v Grow Light with Integrated Reflector and Digital Ballast.
  • Highly Reflective Hood made of Premium Italian aluminum alloy.
  • Dimmable; 600, 660, 750, 825, 1000 or 1100 Watts.
  • Operating Voltage; 120v or 240v with included cords
  • 3-year warranty and ETL, CE, & UL Listed

This proven DE lighting system was designed with cutting-edge digital circuit technology to achieve 1100W maximum power and an increased illumination area. The pure Italian aluminum alloy reflector maximizes reflectivity and is designed for deeper canopy penetration. This High-Performance system is backed with a 3-year warranty. Comes with a 120v power cord, 240v adapter plug, and two pulleys/ hangers.

Produced by one of the leading manufacturers of horticultural ballasts in the world and has been rigorously tested to maintain long-term reliability. Compatible with all leading brands of Double ended HPS 1000W and Double ended MH 1000W.

Input voltage: 120V/240V
Input current: 12A/10-5A
Power factor: ≥0.97
Efficiency: >96%
THD: ≤10%
Operating temperature: 32°F ~ 95°F
PPF: 2100μmol/s

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