GrowBurst 315w CMH Grow Light System- SunUp Series

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Style: Full System: 3k Bloom Bulb Included
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*Available with 3k (Bloom), 4k (Veg) Bulb, or Fixture Only:
  • Premium Quality 315w Ceramic Metal Halide 120/240v Grow Light with Integrated Reflector and Vertical Digital Ballast.
  • Highly Reflective Hood made of Premium Italian aluminum alloy.
  • Ultra-Compact, Full-Spectrum design works great anywhere. Whether it’s for a tight space or large-scale cultivation.
  • Operating Voltage; 120v or 240v with included cords
  • 3-year warranty and ETL, CE, & UL Listed

This proven CMH lighting system provides full spectrum, optimal lighting conditions for all stages of plant growth. The ultra-compact, cool running 315w CMH is perfect for smaller spaces. The premium Italian aluminum alloy reflector maximizes reflectivity and is designed for even illumination and enhanced light penetration. This High-Performance system is backed with a 3-year warranty and is ETL, CE, & UL listed. Comes with 120v power cord, 240v adapter plug, and two pulleys/ hangers.

Produced by one of the leading manufacturers of horticultural ballasts in the world and has been rigorously tested to maintain long-term reliability. Compatible with all leading brands of 315w bulbs.

Input voltage: 120V/240V
Input current: Max 2.8A
Power factor: ≥0.97
Protection: Open/short circuit, bulb fault & aging, under-voltage, and over-temperature
Operating temperature: 32°F ~ 95°F
PPF: 540μmol/s
Whole Machine Efficiency: 33000Lux (Lab Value)


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