GrowBurst 315w CMH Grow Light System- Stellar Series

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Style: Full System- Includes 315W CMH 3100K Bulb
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*Available with 315W CMH 3100K Enhanced Spectrum Bulb or Fixture Only:

  • Premium Quality 315w Ceramic Metal Halide 120/240v Grow Light with Integrated Reflector and Horizontal Digital Ballast.
  • Highly Reflective Hood made of Premium European VEGA aluminum.
  • Compact Design with Higher Efficiency, Lower Energy Consumption than competitors.
  • Operating Voltage; 120v or 240v with included cords
  • 3-year warranty and ETL listed
This top-notch CMH lighting system was designed to provide ideal lighting conditions for all stages of plant growth with increased strength, vigor and yield. The compact, highly efficient 315w CMH design utilizes low frequency square wave technology and is perfect for smaller spaces. Crafted from premium Italian VEGA, 99.9% pure aluminum. The highly reflective, hammered surface design ensures uniform light output. This High-Performance system is backed with a 3-year warranty and is ETL listed. Comes with a long 10ft 120v power cord and 240v adapter plug.

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