GrowBurst 315w CMH 3100K Supreme Grow Lamp- Stellar Series

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315w CMH with Bloom Spectrum

  • Premium 315w Ceramic Metal Halide 3100K Grow Light Bulb for Enhanced Flowering.
  • Premium Quality, European PCA outer jacket imported from Holland operates at lower temperatures than competition.
  • Full Spectrum, 90 CRI; Enhanced Lumen Output, 33,000 Lumens; High Par Value, 564 umol/s.
  • Rated Life Span of 20,000 hrs.
This precision-made CMH Grow Lamp is comprised of the highest quality components. The European Polycrystalline Alumina provides greater lumen output and superior color quality. The full spectrum, cooler running CMH Grow Lamp is perfect for small grow spaces. The enhanced spectrum of the CMH can be used for a full cycle, veg & bloom, and operates way more efficiently than traditional MH/ HPS lamps.

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