GrowBurst 1000w DE Grow Light System- Stellar Series

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Style: Full System- 1000w DE HPS Bulb Included
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*Available with 1000w DE HPS Bulb (Bloom), MH Bulb (Veg), or Fixture Only:

  • Premium Quality 1000w Double Ended 120/240v Grow Light with Integrated Reflector and Digital Ballast.
  • Highly Reflective Hood made of Premium European VEGA aluminum.
  • Adjustable Output; 600, 750, 1000 or 1150 Watts.
  • Operating Voltage; 120v or 240v with included cords
  • 3-year warranty and ETL Listed

This top-notch DE lighting system was designed to provide ideal lighting conditions for all stages of plant growth with increased strength, vigor and yield. It’s highly efficient, maintains >95% brightness even after first year, and is extremely quiet with no acoustic resonance. Crafted from premium Italian VEGA, 99.9% pure aluminum. The highly reflective, hammered surface design ensures uniform light output. This High-Performance system is backed with a 3-year warranty and is ETL listed. Comes with 10ft 120v power cord and 240v adapter plug.

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