Grow More Water Soluble Fertilizers

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Size: Grow More Water Soluble 10-52-10 / 25lb Bag
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Use on All Plants, Greenhouse, and Agricultural Crops

100% Water Soluble Fertilizer Concentrate for Foliar or Soil Applications.

Grow More Fertilizers are formulated to supply sufficient amounts of extra nutrients for high yields. Grow More Fertilizers are versatile products that contain elements which provide the entire spectrum of nutrients needed for a wide variety of plants.  Safe and effective for the many different species and sizes of plants grown together in grow rooms, greenhouses and nurseries.

All Grow More fertilizers contain a special multi-mix of chelated micronutrients and has the broadest compatibility range of any micronutrient source. Grow More's exclusive formula is chemically stable, so differences in pH water hardness or mixing temperature have no effect on chelate activity, which means the essential major and micronutrients are kept soluble and mobile for the greatest efficiency. Grow More's formula provides the optimum level of micronutrients to satisfy the demands of most growing situations.


  • Foliar Spray Grade that leaves little or no visible residue at harvest.
  • Some Formula's Made with Low Biuret Urea: Safe and effective for a wide variety of plants.
  • Can be applied as a foliar spray or with drip-Irrigation/ injector systems.
  • 100% Soluble, even in cold water, and so no sediment buildup or agitation needed.
  • Multi-Nitrogen Sources and contains no chlorides.

Available Formulas:

  • Grow More General Purpose: 20 - 20 - 20:
    • All purpose, balanced, high analysis formula for all field or greenhouse grown ornamental or agricultural corps. Special ingredients designed for immediate utilization by the plant, provide balanced N-P-K, multiple sources of nitrogen and fully chelated micronutrients.
  • Grow More High Phosphate/Potassium: 10 - 52 - 10:
    • High Phosphate in the plant usable form ideal for enhancing bud set/ fruiting or as a young plant starter/ root builder. No Chlorides. 100% Soluble. Recommended for use on vegetables.
  • Grow More Low Nitrogen: 6 - 30 - 30:
    • Low Nitrogen formula when high amounts of Phosphate and Potassium are needed to firm or size fruits or vegetables.
  • Grow More High Phosphate/Potassium Finisher: 0 -50 - 30:
    • Used as a finisher for fruits and vegetables. Uptake of Phosphorus is fast and effective.

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