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Corrects Blossom End Rot and Tip Burn
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Grow More Maxi-Cal liquid fertilizer is an effective formulation for prevention or correction of calcium & micronutrient deficiencies in fruits, vegetables, nut and vine crops. It helps improve the quality of fruits and vegetables, strengthens plants, aids in plant cell wall formation, and improves nutrient uptake.

Maxi-Cal contains 10% calcium plus eight micronutrients and provides fast absorption when applied as a foliar spray. Suitable for a variety of plants, including tomatoes, peppers, melons, broccoli, lettuce, grapes, and other calcium-demanding crops.

Prevents/ Corrects:

  • Blossom End Rot.
    • Tomatoes, peppers, and melon.
  • Hollow Heart.
    • Potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and watermelons.
  • Tip Burn.
    • Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, and other leafy greens.
  • Blackheart.
    • Celery, cucumbers, eggplants, melons, peppers, and tomatoes.

Calcium nitrate, urea, magnesium nitrate, boric acid, copper EDTA, iron EDTA, maganese EDTA, ammonium molybdate, zinc EDTA, cobalt sulfate.

USAGE: Apply as a full coverage spray. Do not apply when plants are under moisture or heat stress. Wait 7- 10 days between applications.
Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber, Melon: Use 1- 6 tsp per gallon of water. Apply 4- 12 times during fruit development at weekly intervals.
Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Lettuce: Use 1-2 tbsp per gallon of water, apply 4- 6 times beginning shortly after head formation at weekly intervals. 
Fruit and Nut Trees: Use 1- 2 tbsp per gallon of water, make 3- 4 applications after petal fall every 10- 14 days.
Grapes: Use 1-2 tbsp per gallon of water. Make 3- 4 applications from beginning of berry softening and onward every 14 days.

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