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Size: 6% Iron EDDHA - 4oz jar
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Grow More EDDHA Iron Chelate 6% Concentrate is formulated to address iron deficiencies in plants. It's very effective as a foliar spray but also works great as a soil drench. EDDHA chelation maintains more iron availability to plants and so more iron is absorbed by plants than other iron chelates/ sources.

EDDHA Iron Chelate is a special chelated iron for problem soils. Great for outdoor plants in containers, lawns, bedding plants, flowers, shrubs, grapes, berries, fruit trees, citrus. and vegetables. Recommended for calcareous, clay and/or alkaline soils especially when the soil pH is 7 or above.

INGREDIENTS: Iron EDDHA [Ferric Ethylenediamine di-(o-hydroxy-phenyl acetate)].

USAGE: Recommended for soils with pH above 7.0.
Soil application: Dissolve 1lb per 100 gallons / 4.5g per gallon. Use as soil drench, *Refer to label for exact usage rates.
Foliar application:
Mix 1 level tsp per gallon of water. Spray foliage to run-off. Repeat every 10-14 days as needed.
Turfgrass: Use 6- 8 tbsp per 1,000 square feet and apply with enough water, 30- 40 gallons, for full coverage spray. Repeat monthly or as needed.

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