Grow More Bonsai Nutrient Blend - 8oz

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Size: Bonsai Fertilizer - 8oz
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Organic Based
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Grow More Bonsai Nutrient Blend is recommended for all container grown Bonsai. It contains slow acting organics such as blood meal, bone meal, and barley meal. The low analysis formula keeps good color on foliage and helps eliminate spindly growth.

  • For All Container Grown Bonsai and native soil grown specimen plants.
  • Formulated with Slow Acting Ingredients.
  • High Organics Content.

USE FOR: Japanese maple, Hedge maple, Acer cultivars, Carpinus, and Juniperus.

INGREDIENTS: Blood meal, Bone meal, Barley meal, and vegetable protein hydrolysate.

USAGE: Never fertilizer when soil is completely dry, water the day before.
Dilute 1-2 tsp per gallon of water and apply as a single watering. Fertilizer every 2- 4 weeks during the growing season.

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