Grotek Root Force

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Size: Root Force - 500ml
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For Strong Root Growth
Beneficial for Soil Microbes
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Grotek Root Force aids in providing optimal nutrient conditions for the development of important secondary root structures. This rooting formula improves nutrient uptake, supports connections with microbes, and helps build stronger plants by contributing to a more robust root system.

Root Force also provides a buffer against environmental pressures such as drought and under-watering by helping plants bounce back more quickly from stressful conditions. It's formulated to support biology, especially bacteria and fungi. Root Force provides key energy to help drive development of secondary roots and root hairs. This unique rooting solution aims to support roots without added phosphorus - an element that can inhibit the development of some mycorrhizae.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar Beet Protein Hydrolysate, Soy Protein Hydrolysate, Zn 0.3%.

USAGE: Apply as a root drench. For best results, use during transplant and during periods of abiotic stress.
Maintenance: Apply weekly at 2ml per gallon. 
At Transplant and Stressed Plants: Apply at 4 ml per gallon.

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