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Corrects Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Grotek Cal-Max is a liquid fertilizer that encourages new growth and provides greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals with added calcium, magnesium, and iron. Cal-Max helps charge soilless media and bring plants back from common minor nutrient deficiencies resulting from nutrient imbalance, rapid growth, or overly humid conditions. It also aids in the prevention of nutrient deficiency symptoms such as Tip Burn and Blossom End Rot.

Cal-Max is excellent for pre-charging coco coir and is a must for growers using coir-based soils. The added calcium helps improve plant vigor and assist in times of peak growth. The available Nitrogen also fuels chlorophyll and protein production to quickly re-green starved plants. Chelated iron adds more deficiency fighting power for lush green growth.

Cal-Max can be applied as a foliar spray for fastest recovery from nutrient deficiencies or used as part of complete fertilization program.

INGREDIENTSCalcium Nitrate, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Nitrate, Iron EDTA.

USAGE: Shake well before using. 1L makes 800L of solution.
Soil/ Soilless:
Mix 1tsp per gallon/ 5ml per 4Lof water. Use as required.
Hydroponics/ Water Culture:
Mix 1- 1.5tsp per gallon/ 5- 8ml per 4L of water. Use as required.
Mix 2tsp per gallon/ 10ml per 4L. Use as required.

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