Grodan Starter Plugs and Mini-Blocks

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Size: Grodan A-OK 1.5″ - 98/Sheet
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For Seedlings and Cuttings

Grodan Starter Plugs and Mini-Blocks are designed for starting seedlings and rooting stem cuttings. The finely woven stone wool in the Starter Plug provides the perfect environment for young roots. Propagation of young plants is the basis for optimal cultivation results and Grodan Starter Plug and Mini-Blocks are the trusted propagation solution of horticultural professionals worldwide.

Grodan plugs have excellent uniformity, strength and shape that provides the perfect basis for optimum germination and uniform seedling results. The uniformity and reliability of Grodan plugs provide a solid basis for automatic or manual processing, uniform germination and a crop that can be transplanted successfully. Grodan plugs have a uniform density, firmness and fibrous structure. This means that distribution of water, nutrients and pH-value is also uniform, which has a beneficial effect on germination results.

Grodan A-OK Starter Plugs:

  • Square size plugs connected to each other at the top of the plug forming a sheet fitting a 10/20 tray.
  • Plugs have a tapered bottom, for improved transplanting.
  • Ideal plug for the growth of crops in hydroponic systems.
  • Great to use for germinating seeds or starting cuttings in.

Grodan Starter Mini-Blocks:

  • Block for effortless start-up of propagation.
  • Excellent root growth throughout the block.
  • Greater firmness for more manual handling.


  • Grodan A-OK 1.5″ (36/40):
    • 98 Plugs/Sheet.
    • Shrink-wrapped sheet that fits a standard 10 x 20 tray/ flat.
    • 30 Sheets per Carton/ Case.
  • Grodan Mini-Block 1.5″ (40/40):
    • 45 Plugs/Pack.
    • 15 per strip, 3 strips per pack, Shrink-wrapped.
    • 50 Packs per Carton/Case.
  • Grodan Pargro QD 1.5" Plug:
    • 98 Plugs/Sheet.
    • Shrink-wrapped sheet that fits a standard 10 x 20 tray/ flat.
    • 14 Sheets per Carton/Case.

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