Ferti-lome Yield Booster RTU - 1 qt

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Calcium Supplement

Ferti-lome Yield Booster RTU is designed to help stop blossom end rot on tomatoes. Also helps in setting of fruit and correcting calcium deficiencies. 

Ferti-lome Yield Booster RTU helps your Tomato plants produce larger, firmer fruit for bigger, more productive yields.

Blossom end rot can be recognized by the dark grey/black sunken area
on the blossom end (bottom of Tomatoes). Blossom end rot can be small or can cover
almost half of the fruit and will decrease Tomato yield.

Ingredients: calcium chloride (1.5% calcium).

Usage: Apply this Ready-To-Use product to the foliage as a thorough coverage spray after fruit initiation and during sizing period. Spray in early morning or evening when temperatures are lower to avoid foliage burn. Make applications every 7 to 10 days when conditions are favorable for the appearance of Blossom-End Rot. Avoid over spraying to help avoid the possibility of foliage burn.

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