Ferti-lome Rooting Powder - 2 oz

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Ferti-lome Rooting Powder is great for rooting houseplants and ornamental cuttings. Just Cut, Dip, and Plant to speed root development of cuttings.

Recommended for rooting treatment of many houseplants and azaleas (evergreen types), chrysanthemums, Chinese evergreens, dieffenbachia, dracaenas, geraniums, hydrangeas, ivy, lantanas, pandanus, veitchi, pachysandra, peperomias, philodendron, poinsettias, pathos and a wide range of other plants.

This product may also be used for general treatment of bulbs, roots and ornamental plants.

Ingredients:  Indole-3-butyric acid 0.1%

Usage: The 2oz powder treats approximately 4,500 average cuttings.
For Cuttings: Select cuttings from a vigorous healthy plant. Cut just below a node or leaf with a sharp knife. Remove any leaves or flowers at the base of the cutting. Dip in powder and plant into rooting medium. Keep rooting medium moderately moist until roots are established.
For General Treatment: Place ferti-lome Rooting Powder and bulbs, corms or roots into a sealed bag or container. Shake well to deposit a light coating.

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