Earth Juice Hi-Brix MFP Plant Food

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For Indoor & Outdoor Plants in Soil or Hydroponics

Earth Juice Hi-Brix MFP Plant Food is a pure premium-grade unsulfured sugar cane molasses that provides a natural source of carbohydrates (sugars) and plant nutrients.

Earth Juice Hi-Brix is a concentrated brix formula containing the plant nutrient potash. It's an excellent addition when brewing plant teas by improving the microbial life around the root zone. Hi-Brix is easily absorbed by plant roots and helps initiate the growth of fruiting buds.

INGREDIENTS: Unsulfured molasses.

USAGE: Safe for all plants when used according to label directions.
Soil Gardening: Mix 1-3 tsp per gallon with each watering.
Hydroponic Gardening: For recirculating systems, add 0.25- 1 tsp per gallon. For hand feeding/ drain to waste, mix 1- 4 tsp per gallon with every watering. 
Compost Teas: Use 1- 2 tsp per gallon for direct feed and 4 tsp for concentrated mixes.

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