DuraBreeze Classic Inline Fans

Size: 4" Classic Inline Fan
Sale price$62.99



DuraBreeze Classic Inline Fans quietly and efficiently ensures airflow in indoor gardens. Its powder-coated steel housing encases a motor with automatic thermal overload protection and it includes a 120-volt pre-wired power cord and mounting hardware for easy installation.

DuraBreeze Classic Inline Fans can be used to ventilate grow rooms, grow tents, and/or grow lights. They're an ideal fan for indoor clean air ventilation applications, including intake, exhaust, returns, make-up/ fresh air, and/ or carbon filtration. These fans come with a two-year warranty and are ETL listed.

Recommended for use with most carbon filters, ducting, fan speed and ventilation controllers.

Available Sizes:

  • DuraBreeze Classic Inline Fan 4".
    • Airflow: 188 CFM.
    • Flange Size: 4".
    • RPM: 2500.
    • Watts: 87.
    • Overall Dimensions: 9"L x 13"W x 9"H.
  • DuraBreeze Classic Inline Fan 6".
    • Airflow: 410 CFM.
    • Flange Size: 6".
    • RPM: 2500.
    • Watts: 135.
    • Overall Dimensions: 12"L x 10"W x 13"H.
  • DuraBreeze Classic Inline Fan 8".
    • Airflow: 677 CFM.
    • Flange Size: 8"
    • RPM: 2550
    • Watts: 205
    • Overall Dimensions: 14"L x 11"W x 15"H.

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