Down To Earth Langbeinite Natural Fertilizer

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Size: DTE Langbeinite - 5lb
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Improves Crop Quality
OMRI Listed for Organic Gardening
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Down To Earth Langbeinite Natural Fertilizer is a naturally mined mineral that supplies three vital plant nutrients: potassium, magnesium, and sulfur. These readily available plant nutrients promote vigorous plant growth, boost overall plant health, and improve crop quality.

Langbeinite’s low chlorine content minimizes the potential for fertilizer “burn,” and its neutral pH does not alter soil activity. Great for sensitive vegetables and fruit crops that require high fertilization rates but do not tolerate high levels of chlorine or soluble salts.

INGREDIENTS: Langbeinite, Mg 10.8%, S 22%.

USAGE: 1 cup ≈ 1 lb; ¼ cup ≈ 4 oz; 1 tbsp ≈ 1 oz
Vegetable Gardens & Flower Beds: To prepare new gardens, apply 1-2 lb per 100 sq ft and thoroughly mix into the top 3″ of soil.To feed established plants, side dress 1-2 tbsp per plant, once each month during the growing season depending upon size of plant.
Containers: For new plantings, add 1 tbsp per gallon of soil and mix thoroughly OR add 1-2 lb per cubic yard. For established plants, lightly mix 1-2 tbsp per gallon into the soil surface once each month during the growing season.
Trees & Shrubs: Spread 1/2-1 lb per 1″ of trunk diameter around the base outwards to the drip line, mix into soil surface and water in well. For new trees, prepare transplant hole and mix ¼- ½ cup with the backfill soil. Use amended soil to fill in around the new tree and water in well.
Row Crops/Acreage: Apply 200-500 lb per acre depending on specific crop needs or required pounds of actual nitrogen per acre.

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