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3-Part Base Family of Fertilizers
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Cutting Edge Solutions Bloom is one of three components that create the complete Cutting Edge Solutions 3-Part Base family. Bloom is used for the majority of the flowering stage of life, as well as small amounts in the vegetative stage.

Formulated with the cleanest, highest quality mineral-based fertilizers available and composed of food-grade ingredients that contain no artificial hormones, growth regulators, or dyes. These affordable, easy to use, base nutrients are extremely low in heavy metals and can be used with a wide range of water sources and growing methods, from hydroponics, coco, deep-water culture, and conventional soils both indoor and out.

Ingredients: Monopotassium Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Carbonate, and Potassium Sulfate. Contains: 1% Mg, 2% S.

USAGE: Never mix undiluted concentrates, add other nutrients separately to water and aerate reservoir regularly. After nutrients are mixed in water, adjust pH to 4.5-6.5.

Clones & Seedlings (after roots): Use 5 ml/gal of Micro, 5 ml/gal of Bloom, and 10 ml/gal of Grow.
Vegetative Stages (1 – 2 weeks): Use 8 ml/gal of Micro, 5 ml/gal of Bloom, and 15 – 20 ml/gal of Grow.
Early Flowering (Transitioning stage): Use 8 ml/gal of Micro, 15 ml/gal of Bloom, and 5 ml/gal of Grow.
Full Bloom (Fruiting Stage): Use 8 ml/gal of Micro, 15 – 20 ml/gal of Bloom, and no Grow.
Full Bloom (Flush Stage): Use 2.5 ml/gal of Micro, 5 ml/gal of Bloom, and no Grow.
* Refer to Cutting Edge Solutions Mixing Chart or Nutrients Calculator for exact usage directions.

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