Coast of Maine Planting Soil for Tomatoes & Vegetables- 20qt

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Compost-Based Soil for More Plentiful & Flavorful Vegetables

Coast of Maine Organic & Natural Planting Soil for Tomatoes & Vegetables is the optimal soil conditioner to revitalize the soil in and around your vegetable garden beds. It is naturally lightweight and contains just the right mixture to grow plentiful tomatoes and vegetables.

Coast of Maine Planting Soil for Tomatoes & Vegetables is a hand-crafted organic soil mix that’s perfect for healthy and flavorful tomatoes & vegetables. Lightweight and made with Made with premium ingredients to help create the ideal conditions for home vegetable gardening.

Use on new and existing garden beds to maintain healthy soils. Amend a 2" layer into the top 4"-6" of soil prior to planting or top-dress a 2" layer on top of the soil and seed or transplant directly into it.

INGREDIENTS: Composted manure, sphagnum peat moss, aged bark, lobster and crab shells, and lime.

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