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Size: Root Cleaner - 8oz
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Eliminates Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Root Aphids, Nematodes and Root Rot
Created by Growers, for Growers

Root Cleaner concentrate naturally eliminates soil borne pests and pathogens. This powerful solution targets fungus and algae, causing pests to dehydrate and dry up. It kills eggs and disrupts the reproductive processes, so pests can’t build an immunity to it.

Root Cleaner Soil Drench effectively halts and eliminates Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Root Aphids, and mitigates root rot and egg hatching by disrupting their feeding and reproductive processes. Defend you roots by killing fungus gnats and larvae on contact. Safe for use on all food and feed crops.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium lauryl sulfate, organic soybean oil, isopropyl alcohol, sodium citrate, citric acid.

USAGE: Shake well before measuring and shake again during application.
Mix 1oz per gallon of water. DO NOT mix with nutrients or feed. Pour 1 cup of mixed Root Cleaner solution per gallon of media at the base of each plant. Add water to help soak the solution into the media until it thoroughly irrigates through the bottom of the container.
After application, wait 15-20 minutes than rinse thoroughly with water. You must let your media dry for a day, and then re-inoculate with nutrients and beneficials.
Apply every 3-4 days, as needed.

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