Can-Lite Carbon Filters

Size: Can-Lite 4 inch 250 CFM
Sale price$129.99


For Small to Mid-Sized Spaces
A Better Built Filter

Can-Lite Active Filters contain 100% virgin activated Australian Light Weight Granulated Carbon and are sized for all your ventilation needs. The premium features include weight saving aluminum top and bottom, integrated top flange, 51% open perforation for maximum airflow, and included pre-filter. Can-Filter has designed and built the Can-Lite for convenience and long life. The deep, 2" carbon bed is rated to last up to 2.5 years.

The Can-Lite is made in 12 sizes with a CFM range of 89 - 3000. Can-Lite is manufactured in a dedicated carbon filter plant in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Each filter is shrink-wrapped, boxed, and labeled for ease of use.

Available Sizes:

  • Can-Lite 4": Max 250CFM, 15" Height, 9lb Weight.
  • Can-Lite Mini 6": Max 420 CFM, 18.13" Height, 10.25" Diameter, 13lb Weight.
  • Can-Lite Mini 8": Max 800 CFM, 27.25" Height, 12.25" Diameter, 21lb Weight.
  • Can-Lite 8": Max 1000 CFM, 40" Height, 12" Diameter, 42lb Weight.

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