Botanicare Sweet Carbo Raw

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Size: Sweet Carbo Raw - Quart / 1L
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Flavor and Aroma Enhancer

Sweet Raw is an all-natural mineral supplement that contains a unique combination of vital compounds and essential elements to naturally enhance aromas and flavors in your crops. It's scientifically formulated with carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins and amino acids to meet the metabolic demands of your plants throughout their life cycle

Sweet Raw promotes the development of robust leaves, sturdy stems and hardy plants with compact internodes. It helps plants succeed in accelerated growing environments by improving respiration and photosynthesis functions as well as improving the transition between growth and budding phases.

Use 8ml per gallon with every watering in container gardens and hydroponic systems during your entire bloom cycle. Mix well and adjust pH accordingly. Use in conjunction with Botanicare’s plant nutrient or other preferred plant foods.

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