Botanicare Silica Blast

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For Hydrogardens and Coco
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Silica Blast helps strengthen plant tissue, helping plants flourish in adverse environmental conditions such as heat, drought and frost. This beneficial supplement reinforces and enhances plant tissues leading to bigger harvests, increased fruit quality, and higher resistance to environmental stressors.

Silica Blast can be used in conjunction with any standard nutrient program to have positive effects on plants vigor, photosynthesis, transpiration and hardiness. The highly available form of silica absorbs quickly within the cell walls of your plants to physically increase cell wall structure and protect against external stressors.

Mix 2.5- 5ml per gallon of water for container gardens or soilless hydroponic applications. In soil/ container gardens apply at every or every other watering. For hydroponics apply to reservoir every 5-7 days and adjust pH accordingly.

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