Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil Formula

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Size: 1 Quart / 1L
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Premium Natural & Organic Based Plant Food
Soil Formula
1 - 4 - 5

Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil is a premium, one-part bloom nutrient designed specifically for fruiting and flowering plants grown in soil container gardens. The bloom formula provides the additional phosphorus and nutrients needed to enhance flavors and aromas in high value crops while their highly soluble form encourages fast nutrient uptake. When cultivating fruiting and flowering plants in soil, growers usually need to double or triple phosphorous levels, unlike hydroponics, thus making the 1-4-5 formula ideal for soil applications.

The unique blend of natural minerals and organic extracts from the land and sea, combined with essential macro and micro nutrients, provides everything your plants need. Beneficial for fruits, flowers, vegetables, houseplants, shrubs, cacti, and succulents.  

Use 15- 30ml per gallon of fresh water. For best results use with every watering. Recommended to add Cal-Mag Plus when using RO water or coco coir. 

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