Botanicare Clearex Flushing Agent

Size: GAL / Gallon
Sale price$35.95


Rinsing Solution

Clearex is a drenching solution that prevents the buildup of nutrient salt deposits in soil or soilless grow media. Clearex draws salts away from the plant's roots and grow media, correcting the problem of salt toxicity and nutrient lockout. 

Periodic usage will increase yields by encouraging plants to process excess nutrients. Enhance overall crop flavors and potency by using Clearex as a Preharvest flush.

Mix 2 tsp (5ml) of Clearex per gallon of water. Use Clearex with pure water only. Mix well and adjust pH. Use between nutrient changes in container gardens or hydroponic systems and as a Preharvest flush by running Clearex solution during the last 3 – 7 days before harvest.

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