Black Gold Natural & Organic Seedling Mix

Size: Black Gold Seedling Mix - 8qt
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Excellent Germination
For Organic Gardening

Black Gold Natural & Organic Seedling Mix is a highly refined, organic seedling mix that is excellent for root growth for newly germinated seedlings. It has a low-salt and is fine, yet porous and water-retentive due to an organic wetting agent that ensures uniform water penetration. Gives your vegetable and flower seeds the best possible start.

Excellent for seed germination, cuttings, cell packs, and trays or flats. 

Black Gold Natural & Organic Seedling Mix contains RESILIENCE, the trade name for Silicon (Si), is a beneficial plant substance. Plants grown with RESiLIENCE silicon, may result in earlier flowering, better root growth, and improved resistance to wilting. Your results will vary by plant type and how you grow your plant.

Ingredients: Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, organic wetting agent, calcium silicate/ RESiLIENCE.

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