BioBizz Fish-Mix Plant Nutrient

Size: Fish-Mix - 1 L
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Organic Fish Emulsion Plus Molasses
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BioBizz Fish-Mix liquid organic-based plant food conditions growth substrates to encourage bacterial flora and enhance their growth. It is an infusion of organic fish emulsion from the North Sea mixed together with the horticultural extract of Dutch sugar beet.

Fish-Mix supports growth of all living organisms in the substrate, as well as improving and enhancing production of microorganisms and useful bacteria in every type of soil and coco-based substrates. Using Fish-Mix can turn poor quality soil into rich and fat soil by providing your plants with natural nutrition.

In keeping with the requirements of natural farming, Fish-Mix is not extracted with acids or stabilized with BHT. It is mild enough to be used in the first stages of a plant’s life or sprayed directly onto leaves during the vegetative stages of growth.

Usage: Use 1-4 ml per liter depending on the growing media and growth phase. *Refer to BioBizz's nutrient schedule for exact application rates.

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