BioAg Ful-Power

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Enhances Nutrient Uptake
OMRI Listed

BioAg Ful-Power is a fast-acting fulvic acids isolate that can improve nutrient uptake. It drives nutrients and minerals into the plant and results in healthier plants and tastier produce. Ful-Power is produced using a proprietary biological process, without the use of harsh chemistry, that increases its benefits to plants. The result is a clean and compatible product which will not affect pH and EC. Ful-Power is also OMRI listed.

All crops should be using Ful-Power, as fulvic acids are often a missing ingredient in crop production systems. Can be used in a wide variety of applications such as containers, soil, hydroponics, aquaponics, and turf. Works great as a foliar spray, on clones/ cuttings, bare-root dips, seed activation programs, and in compost teas. Ful-Power can be used throughout the entire crop lifecycle and compatible with all nutrients and foliar sprays.

Ful-Power can be applied to all crops including: trees vines, ornamentals, small fruits, vegetables, row crops, feed crops, forage, and pasture. It can be applied by in-furrow, side dress, spray, and fertigation.

Ingredients: humic acid derived from Cretaceous Period fresh water humic substances.

Usage: Use 10-35ml per gallon depending on the application throughout the entire crop lifecycle. *Refer to product label for exact application rates.

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